GHE Farms is a major exporter of tropical and off-season fresh fruits and vegetables such as chillies, French beans to the UK, Holland, France and other European countries.

Why Import From Us?

  • The main horticultural season, November-May corresponds with European winter (off-season)
  • Favourable climate and suitable soil for growing a wide range of high quality tropical and off-season fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Close proximity to Europe (5 hours flight Banjul-London) means low freight charges and quality field fresh produce delivered to markets at very competitive prices
  • Big tourism industry provides direct tourist charter flights from all over Europe which in turn means greater availability of aircraft between The Gambia and European destinations
  • Labour is relatively cheap and efficient
  • Excellent telecommunications services
  • Strong government commitment to horticultural export development

Our Certifications

Global G.A.P


Our Export Schedule

Produce Months
Mangoes May to August
PawPaw All Year Round
Limes November to January
Chillies All Year Round
Aubergines November to April
Green Beans November to April
Squash October to April
Water Melons November to March
Asian Vegetables All Year Round

More Info

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